3 Welding Projects You Can Do Next Winter

Don’t let the coldness of winter make you unproductive! Let these welding projects keep you busy with a goal to make your property look better!

Before we proceed, make sure you have a welding machine first. If you don’t, then here’s an excellent source for you. Don’t worry; you can surely afford these machines.

Get busy with these three welding projects:



Maximize your MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welder and scroll bender by building a customized bench for your veranda or backyard! It’s also perfect for your balcony. Use the scroll bar to bend the flat bar steel for the decorative sides of your bench before you join them using your MIG welder. This project will also need a lot of reinforcement, so add a section of steel across the center of the seat underneath.

Let this sturdy, unique-looking bench be the talk of the town! It’s an excellent tool that will bring the family members together especially during winter.



Don’t let the chill make you lazy. Build a gazebo which offers various welding challenges that will enhance your welding skills. Let this gazebo keep you fruitful for a while, and you’ll see; winters aren’t that bad! Aside from being convenient, this also makes your property appear more accommodating. You can also achieve this project using a MIG welder.

For this project, a one-inch square tube will come in handy for the handrails and columns. For the roof, two-inch square steel tubes will be the main actors. If you wish to add more beauty to it, then shape a ½-inch x 1/8-inch flat steel using a scroll bender. Heck, you can even combine this gazebo project with the bench mentioned earlier! The duo will make your property a lot more elegant, I’m telling you.


wheelbarrowIf a gazebo is a bit out-of-reach, then weld something that’s a lot more moveable than a bench—a wheelbarrow. This is an excellent project for those who are into gardening. The mainframe of this project could use a ½-inch square tubular steel. The handles could be made out of round tubes which are welded onto the mainframe.


Most welding projects need one-inch square tubes, so be sure to invest in them especially since you’d probably feel lazy to travel to a local hardware store for them during winter. This wheelbarrow also requires dependable one-inch square tubes for the legs and frame supports. The tubes should be really sturdy—they should be able to manage a lot of wear and tear. After welding the frame together, you can then apply pressure treated or finished wood to complete your wheelbarrow.