How to Survive the Winter Season with Rules of Survival

Let’s be honest—it’s difficult to go outdoors during winter. And sometimes, the fun stops when winter comes. The weather changes the way we feel and alters the way we have fun too. But there’s one solution: Stay at home and play Rules of Survival instead.

Surviving the winter outdoors is tough, but if you’re indoors, it’s bearable. With this game, you might not even feel the coolness of your environment because you’re too focused on the challenge that it brings.

Background: What is this game?


Rules of Survival is a game where you can play alone or play with friends. At the start of the game, you’ll be dropped on a deserted island. In a single match, 120 players get to play and aim for the same thing—be the last player standing. The game requires players to be skilled, observant, and quick to respond. With all the things you need to keep an eye on, I doubt you’ll still worry about how to keep yourself really warm in the real world. This game will create a virtual world of escape for you, and you won’t even feel the coldness of winter.

Hack: Is it effective?


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