Icy Attractions

5 Breathtaking Ice and Snow Festivals from Around the World

1. Concours International de Sculpture sur Glace et sur Neige

Where: Valloire, France
When: January
Why go: See the amazing spectacle of ice and snow sculptures, music, and lights

2. Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

Where: Harbin, China
When: January – February
Why go: Harbin’s famous winter event is the largest ice and snow sculpture festival in the world. Explore stunning sculptures caved from massive blocks of ice and watch the mesmerizing lights that transform the place into a winter wonderland.

3. Ice Music Festival

Where: Geilo, Norway
When: February
Why go: If you think ice festivals are fairly much the same, you’re wrong. Norway’s Ice Music Festival offers a unique spectacle of sights and sounds with its instruments made from ice.

4. International Festival-Competition of Snow and Ice Sculpture
Where: Krasnoyarsk, Russia
When: January
Why go: International Festival-Competition of Snow and Ice Sculpture draws participants from around the world. See some really great creations like otherworldly scenes that make for some really magical sights.

5. Sapporo Snow Festival

Where: Hokkaido, Japan
When: February
Why go: Sapporo Yuki Matsuri or Sapporo Snow Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Japan. Millions of people from around the world visit to see the myriad of magnificent sculptures showcased every year.