How to Winterize Your Pool and Robotic Cleaner


Winterizing your pool before the cold days arrive is a must to protect your pool. To make sure it’s winter-ready, follow the instructions below.

Winterizing the Pool


First, clean your pool using a quality robotic cleaner. You can get one from It’s crucial that you have a sanitized and balanced pool before you proceed.

Next, add 10 ounces of algaecide for every 10,000 gallons of pool water. Also, add a metal remover or a sequestering agent if necessary. For this part, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Get rid of debris left (if any).

The fourth step is to let the pool chemicals filter for 24 hours.

Then, remove all the plugs, as well as the water, from your pump and filter system. Of course, that includes the ones in your heat pump if you have one.

Now blow out your pool’s plumbing lines and plug all lines. For this step, it’s best to use an air compressor.

Next, add a skimmer plug to your skimmer. In case you didn’t know, it’s called a Gizzmo.

Hang on; you’re almost done!

The second to the last step would be to remove the handrails and ladders.

Lastly, place a pool cover on top of your pool to secure it. If you use a tarp or solid vinyl cover, make sure you put a pump in the middle of the cover so that it can get rid of rainwater.

Congratulations, you just winterized your pool! Now onto the next (and a lot easier) part.

It’s also essential to winterize your robotic pool cleaner to extend its life. This cleaner is efficient at removing dirt from your pool, which is why it deserves to be taken care off. Keep it safe for the wintry season by following the steps below.

Winterizing Your Robotic Pool Cleaner


Unplug its power supply from the outside socket.

Next, take out the cleaner from your pool. You wouldn’t want to leave it there.

The third step would be to unplug the robot’s floating cable from the power supply.

Then, remove the filter bag or basket and clean it. This part isn’t even difficult to do.

Now remove any water from your robotic cleaner and make sure it’s entirely dry.

After which, coil its floating cable, sit the cleaner on its side and place it on top of the cable. If the unit has a storage compartment for the cable, then place the cable there.

The seventh step would be to position the power supply next to the robot.

Finally, store the cleaner in a dry place at room temperature. This way, it won’t become frozen during the winter months.

That’s it!

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